Why Regular Medication with Antibiotics Does Not Work for Angular Cheilitis

Why Regular Medication with Antibiotics Does Not Work for Angular Cheilitis

angular-cheilitisAngular Cheilitis is mainly a skin disease provoked by the excessive moisture present in the crests, folds or wrinkles around the lips, especially from the corners of the mouth. This moisture digs into the skin causing cracks and lesions which later on become infected and form pus. From here on is just a vicious circle, in which the infection expands causing skin to crack even more, while these cracks provide more space for the infection to grow and develop faster.

When having to deal with such a condition most people rush into the dermatologist’s offices waiting for a treatment that will simply clear the entire area and leave the skin clean in just a matter of days. What they receive instead is a lotion or a cream based on antibiotic substances. This treatment should kill the bacteria and thus, leave the skin clean so as to start recovering from the damage. It is a slow process which in most cases, even if it does function bring too little relief for the desperate people.

This is mainly because the bacteria are quite smart organisms. Thus, when an antibiotic is used in order to destroy them, some of them die while other become much stronger and can no longer be defeated by the same antibiotic or by a substance similar to it. This is why, even though it is a powerful antibiotic which will provide relief the first time when Angular Cheilitis appears, the same treatment will be useless when the disease makes its appearance its second time. As you well know, in most cases this condition does appear a second time, so basically with antibiotics there is only half of the problem solved or in other words postpone the search for an effective treatment a little longer.

Thus, if the dermatologist has prescribed any antibiotics patient can take them and hope for the best. If it is the first time taking them, they may actually work, but if it is a second attempt, it is advisable to look for something more powerful or try some of the alternative or complementary treatments. It’s amazing to see how many effective treatments are there to find outside the dermatologist’s office!


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