How To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back And Keep Her By My Side For A Long Time

Breaking up is never pleasant and the people around you are never a big help because most of them are probably urging you to forget your ex-girlfriend and move on. Moving on is the last thing you think of especially when you still feel that she is the one. You might feel like giving it one last try before closing the chapter completely. If that is the case and you are thinking, I don’t know how to get my ex girlfriend back, then the useful ideas outlined below will help you out:

Take Time Apart
Since breakups are normally emotionally draining, taking time to calm down, breathe and think about things is essential. Get enough time to truly evaluate your feelings about the breakup. You will better understand when things started going downhill and whether you really want her back in your life. During this time apart, take time to enjoy yourself, be single again, do some soul-searching and learn more about yourself. Make new friends, pick up a healthy hobby or even spend more time with your friends and family. This period will also enable you to re-establish your emotions and restore that spring in your step. After that, you will know if you really want her back.

Understand What Went Wrong
You can’t keep saying, I don’t know how to win my ex back, if you haven’t taken time to understand what resulted to the breakup. Knowing that will help you avoid making the same mistakes when you get her back. You have to know why you broke up and in this case be honest. If you contributed to the breakup, note the things that you did and avoid them in future. Look for the signs of breaking up that she was exhibiting before you two broke up. Note the things that you have to change on your part and work on them.

Get In Touch
This is the hardest part but for you to get her back, you of course have to get in touch with her. How do I get back my ex if I can’t get in touch with her? Most guys will ask that, but there is really no way around it, whatever method you choose. Ensure that your message is friendly and playful.  Avoid a message like “I want you to be my girl again” or “we have to talk”. Such messages are a bit too heavy and might draw her further away from you. Let your message be breezy, easy and friendly enough to ignite a positive response. You know your girl best, think up something that will make her smile and respond to you, then by all means use it.

Keep Your Cool When You Meet
The first time you see her after that breakup period will of course be overwhelming. Keep your cool throughout and ensure that you meet her during daytime for coffee or lunch the same way you meet with a friend.

I Want My Ex Back

Don’t make it a three course dinner on that first meeting because you will appear too needy and it will look like you are trying too hard to impress her. Keep your conversation light, a little flirty and fun. Let her see the guy she fell in love with and remind her why indeed she fell in love with you. If this first meeting is successful, have more casual meetings.

Let Her Know You Want Her Back
You only do this after several casual meetings from which you will have known whether the interest is mutual. Let her know what you have learnt during the time you have been apart. Tell her how you are working things out and how you have matured. Let her know that you understand her feeling hurt by your actions and point out… Continue…


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